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Catch a Ride

cards and dates subject to change.

July 25 Wheeling, WV (Thunder tapings)7pm TBS
July 29 Moline, IL
July 30 Indianapolis, IN
July 31 Cincinnati, OH (Nitro) live 7:30pm TNT
August 01 Terre Haute, IN (Thunder taping)7pm TBS
August 07 Denver, CO (Nitro) live 7pm TNT
August 08 Colorado Springs, CO (Thunder tapings) 7pm TBS
August 13 Vancouver, BC (PPV) New Blood Rising 7:30pm
August 14 Kelowna, BC (Nitro) live TNT 7:30pm
August 15 Kamloops, BC (Thunder tapings)7pm TBS
August 18 Mankato, MN 7:30pm
August 19 Sioux City, IA 7:30pm
August 20 Topeka, KS 7:30pm
August 21 Wichita, KS (Nitro) live 7:3-pm TNT
August 22 Tulsa City, OK (Thunder tapings)7pm TBS
August 27 Albuquerque, NM 7:30pm
August 28 Las Cruses, NM (Nitro)7:30pm live TNT
August 29 Tucson, AZ (Thunder tapings)
September 04 Dallas, TX (Nitro)
September 05 College Station, TX (Thunder)
September 11 Charlotte, NC (Nitro)
September 12 Roanoke, VA (Thunder)
September 17 Buffalo, NY (Fall Brawl)
September 18 Toronto, ONT (Nitro)
September 19 Erie, PA (Thunder)
September 21 Oklahoma City, OK
September 22 Amarillo, TX
September 23 Lubbock, TX
September 25 Uniondale, NY (Nitro)
September 26 Wilkes-Barre, PA (Nitro)
October 02 San Francisco, CA (Nitro)
October 03 Long Beach, CA (Thunder)
October 07 Brisbane, Australia (Nitro)
October 09 Sydney, Australia (Thunder)
October 11 Perth Australia
October 13 Melbourne, Australia (Nitro)
October 14 Melbourne, Australia (Thunder)
October 23 Little Rock, AR (Nitro)
October 24 Memphis, TN (Thunder)
October 29 Las Vegas, NV (Halloween Havoc)
October 30 San Diego, CA (Nitro)
October 31 Irvine, CA (Thunder)